Membership at Windhorse Zen Community

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As time goes by more and more people are taking an active role in the development of this community.  All of our events and activities are supported solely by contributions from members and others who sit with us, and we encourage all who practice with Windhorse, and who support what we’re doing, to consider becoming members. Regular membership contributions (all of which are tax-deductible) give a strong foundation for the work here, making it far easier for us to budget and to plan our activities.

Types of Membership

Interim Membership Period
If you are interested in becoming more involved with this Dharma community but are unsure about committing to being a full member, you can participate in an Interim Membership Period. This period would last for 3 months and allow you to try out dokusan (private instruction with one of the teachers), attend all zendo events and Sangha meetings, and participate in shorter periods of residential training. Instead of pledging financially, during this interim period one can simply make a donation at each Sangha event. After this 3-month period, in order to continue to attend dokusan one would need to become a member of WZC.

Friend of the Community
There are three ways to be involved in the Windhorse Zen Community. The most basic way is to become a Friend of the Community: As a Friend, you’ll be involved in supporting the vision of WZC, and in return you’re welcome to participate in occasional sittings, to attend all major holidays and ceremonies such as the Buddha’s Birthday, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s. You’ll also receive a community newsletter and e-mail updates. Friends may also attend sesshin, although at a higher cost than members. The suggested monthly contribution for Friends of Windhorse is $30 per quarter.

Regular Member
As a Regular Member of WZC, one may attend all Sangha functions and may also become a formal student of one of the Windhorse teachers. In addition, members pay reduced rates for special Sangha events, sesshin, and residential training. Members will also receive a community newsletter and e-mail updates, and will be eligible to vote on community referendums. The suggested donation for members is $120 per quarter. We’re aware that some may not be able to give this much, while others may be able to give more. For those who sincerely wish to practice with the Sangha, WZC will never let money be a barrier. If you have questions or concerns, please talk with us.