Board of Trustees

Posted on Jan 1, 2015

Dear Sangha,

At the close of last year our three trustees– Carolyn MacGregor, Brooks Talton, and Charles Vander Kolk – resigned from the Windhorse board and were replaced, on January 1st, by Susan Tackett and Wally Hewitt. We wish to express our deep appreciation to Carolyn, Brooks and Charles for their service to the sangha, and to Susan and Wally for joining the board.

A primary task of the trustees is to provide financial oversight, and we expect this transition to be a smooth one. Susan, now in full-time residential training, has been keeping the center’s books for years; Wally has a master’s degree in business administration. More importantly, both are long-time members actively involved in the practice at Windhorse. As we move into the next phase of dharma work here, it feels especially valuable to have these two on the board.

In the coming months, we’d also like to renew our efforts to find ways for the sangha as a whole to have more voice in how we proceed. So, along with our annual meeting and meetings of the board, we’re planning to set aside some time on the first (open) Sunday of each month for a general update and brief sangha meeting. Our intent is to keep people more regularly informed about what’s happening at the center, and to solicit any reflections or suggestions people may have. For these meetings, anything people wish to talk about may be emailed to us in advance, to be added to the agenda.

In closing, we again wish to thank Carolyn, Brooks and Charles for their terms of service to the sangha and for all their contributions to this center. We very much hope they will continue to be significantly involved in the ongoing evolution of Windhorse Zen Community.

With gassho,

Sunya and Lawson

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