Coming This Spring! A Contemplative Photography Workshop

Posted on Jan 9, 2015

presented by

George DeWolfe

Wednesday, April 22nd – Saturday, April 25th




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George DeWolfe has been a photographer since 1964. In the 1970’s he studied with both Ansel Adams and Minor White, and later studied Perception with Dr. Richard Zakia. He holds an MFA in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and his publishing credits include: At Home in the Wild, Digital Photography Fine Print Workshop, a book on New Hampshire’s White Mountains, and most recently, B&W Printing. George was also a Senior Editor at View Camera and Camera Arts for eighteen years.

Along with his Contemplative Photography Workshops, George DeWolfe has had forty one-man shows, and his work has been included in numerous group exhibitions and also appears in several permanent collections. He has photographed for many environmental organizations, including the Appalachian Mountain Club, Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, Mass Audubon, National Park Service, America Rivers, and Friends of Acadia; he is also a member of the American Alpine Club. George’s most recent honor was the Award for Artistic Excellence presented by The National Park Service.

George’s sublime images arise out of a penetrating awareness of photographic moments that are highly personal and intuitive. Set simultaneously in conversation with the structures of ancient Chinese landscape painting and Western landscape genres, his artistic practice incorporates ideas from Buddhism and Gestalt psychology. In working with photographers, he helps them to recapture a certain perceptual naiveté that we inadvertently unlearn [lose or gets covered over] as we grow. Through his art, and his teaching, George works with the seeming contradictions of abstract/real and known/unknown, issues that seem to fuse and resolve within his singular images—images that are supremely of the moment.



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This Earthday-honoring 4-day workshop will take place at Windhorse Zen Community. It will begin on the morning of Wednesday, April 22, 2015 and end on the afternoon of Saturday, April 25.

Participants are welcome to stay through Sunday, April 26th and attend Windhorse’s morning program, 9:30-11:30, for meditation, a dharma talk, and brunch with our sangha.

This will be a small workshop, so once it’s filled, additional names will have to go on a waiting list.

Information about staying at the Windhorse Center itself during the workshop will be available in a few weeks—we’re hoping to be able to accommodate all those who wish to stay on site. Simple, inexpensive vegetarian breakfasts and dinners will also be available. If you’re interested in either option, please let us know.

This is an opportunity to work with a master photographer at a contemplative center in a uniquely beautiful natural setting.  A daily schedule will soon be available.

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