Lawson-roshi Radio Interview this Monday!

Posted on Jan 20, 2017

This coming Monday morning, January 23rd, at 11:00 Lawson-roshi will be a guest on Dr. Bob Hanna’s AshevilleFM’s Living Well radio program. The conversation will no doubt touch into aspects of compassion, intimacy, loneliness, grief, rage and guilt; the imperative of relationship; the dynamics of self-transformation; and the power of the sacred. In other words, it will be about our lives and the world, about Psychodynamic Zen, and about a range of other issues that can be found in

Living Well is hosted by Dr. Bob Hanna, a therapist with a heart-centered, mindfulness approach to helping adults, couples, and families in the Asheville area. An archive of Living Well podcasts, including Dr. Bob’s earlier interview with Sunya-roshi, can be found at his website: You can tune into Living Well at 103.3FM, or find it on-line at