Living Dharma in Challenging Times

Posted on Dec 27, 2016

Dear Sangha and Friends,

As this tumultuous year of 2016 comes to a close, we wanted to reach out to you, and not only to ask for financial support. We’re also feeling the need to share with you our deep concern and hopes as we find ourselves at what appears to be a decisive tipping point in human history.

It’s strikingly obvious: we live in a time of increasing polarization, fanned by the rhetoric of anxiety and alienation. We seem to keep repeating deeply destructive patterns that have led now to global suffering on a scale almost impossible to grasp. Somehow we must find our way back to the essential unity and wholeness at the heart of it all. It’s time for real change, and there’s no time to lose.

As Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness at which it was created.” We completely agree. And we also believe that Windhorse can help bring about the shift in consciousness so needed now by providing a place where people can come to understand, train, and transform their lives in the context of the Buddha Way.

Over the past year we’ve seen many fine changes at our center: the retreat lodge is now in regular use, sesshins are strong and on-going, and the new, accredited Zentensive trainings have also been very well received. Along with radio interviews and talks, we’ve been doing a series of weekly programs in Asheville, and are looking ahead to our Third Annual Contemplative Photography Workshop this spring, led by master photographer George DeWolfe. We’re also exploring an expanded vision of the training here, with a wider range of possibilities that includes a regular in-town presence as well as term-intensives for near and distant members.

Perhaps more significantly, for years we’ve been clarifying our understanding and vision of dharma practice in the West, exploring ways of working with the mirroring realities of the western unconscious and our present ecological imperative. In this regard, our new website,, has recently been posted; a professionally journaled article about Zen and the Unconscious is now in the works.

With this momentum we believe Windhorse is in a unique position to help foster the kind of paradigm change so urgently called for. But we do need your help. We’ve managed to get this far only because of the generous support of so many people: so much work and heart has gone into making this center a place of strong, dynamic dharma practice.

Surely if these times are calling for anything, it’s for a real renaissance of the human spirit, a waking up of the bodhi-heart. That’s truly what inspires us in this work, and what keeps us going. So especially now, at this extraordinary point in time, we ask you to consider supporting, financially and otherwise, the dharma work that’s unfolding at Windhorse. Let’s work together to nourish the deep roots of wisdom and compassion, for the sake of this planet and all beings!

Tax-deductible check donations can be sent to:

Windhorse Zen Community
580 Panther Branch Road
Alexander, NC 28701 through paypal

Or you can donate through paypal online by clicking here.

With hands palm to palm,

Lawson and Sunya, for Windhorse Zen Community

PS: Any and all direct support is greatly appreciated, and also, if you’re interested in discussing alternative, longer-term types of donations like stock transfers, wills and bequests, please speak with one of the teachers about this.