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Windhorse Sittings and Programs: Early August Update

Weekly Programs and Formal Sittings

Two-day August Sesshin Canceled
We’ve had many requests for shorter sesshins, which inspired us to schedule the two-day slated to begin this Thursday evening. Only a few people have applied at this point, however, and so we’ve decided to cancel it. We realize that August may not be the optimum time for people—if there’s sufficient interest, we may try again to work a shorter sesshin format into our fall schedule.

WZC Schedule
In the meantime, we still have three more Sunday programs before the Center’s summer break:

~ This Sunday, Aug 5 – Sunya will give teisho;
still working on the topic
~ Sunday programs also on Aug. 12 & 19
~ Tuesday evenings, 7-9 pm, zazen w/ dokusan:
Aug. 7 & 14

More Podcasts Available
After over a year’s drought of WZC teisho podcasts, they’re going out again: you’ll find a number of Sunya-roshi’s talks available on iTunes, with plans to regularly post more of them, drawing from both the backlog and from more recent teishos as well.

Sept 21-23: Three-day Zentensive 
A reminder that this CE-accredited Zentensive is coming up: it’s not only for mental health professionals, but for anyone interested in gaining a clearer understanding of the fundamental dynamics of the unconscious and how they relate to practice and our lives. Accommodations available for those who wish to stay at Windhorse. For more information or to sign up, see here. 


Getting Started at Windhorse Zen Community

Beginning a Zen practice at Windhorse is quite simple: send an email and/or give us a call (contact info below) to schedule a first sitting at the center in Alexander, NC, about a 20-minute drive from downtown Asheville.

We ask everyone, whatever their background in practice, to go through a basic orientation, which generally takes about 45 minutes.

The best time for new people to come ​for this ​is usually on Sunday morning at 8:45, before the 9:30-11:30 program of zazen meditation and dharma talk. If that doesn’t work for you, we can arrange to meet before a Tuesday or Thursday evening sitting, which begins at 7:00 pm. More information >>>