Dharma Talks

Below you can find a number of Dharma talks (teishos) given by Roshi Sunya Kjolhede, one of the Windhorse teachers. Feel free to download them or to listen to them online. We are sharing them, hoping that they can help strengthen your Zen practice, especially if you live far away from WZC.

With this, there comes a caution: the teachers ask you to treat listening to these  podcasts as a form of practice – i.e. they recommend listening to them after zazen or, at least, finding a time when you can “listen with your whole being.”

Sunday Teisho by Roshi Sunya Kjolhede:

Sesshin Teisho by Roshi Sunya Kjolhede:

December 2016 7-Day Rohatsu Sesshin

September 2016 7-Day Sesshin

August 2016 Weekend Sesshin

June 2016 7-Day Sesshin

March 2016 6-Day Sesshin

January 2016, 7-day Rohatsu Sesshin

October 2015, 7-day Sesshin:

September 2015, 3-day Sesshin:

Rohatsu 2014, 7-day Sesshin:

October 2014, 6-day Sesshin:

June 2014,  5-day Sesshin:

April 2014, 7-day Sesshin:

February 2014, 7-day Sesshin:

Rohatsu 2013, 7-day Sesshin:

July 2013, 3-day Sesshin:

     June 2013, 7-day Sesshin:

     April 2013, 7-day sesshin:

      February 2013, 7-day Sesshin:

      January 2-day Retreat:

      Rohatsu 2012, 7-day Sesshin:

       October 2012, 7-day Sesshin:

        Older Sesshin Teisho:

Guest Teisho and Talks: