Three-Day and Five-day Zentensive™ Workshops and Retreats are designed to provide skills-based training for both mental health professionals as well as dharma practitioners. These fully-accredited programs offer a direct, real-time understanding of the deep changes that become possible on both personal and professional levels when intensive forms of meditation are combined with a psychodynamic focus.

While Three-Day Zentensives™ have been primarily designed for day-time participation, the Five-Day Zentensives™ offer an advanced, full-time combination of workshop and retreat -- a merging which adds a significantly more intense, experiential component to the training. Both of these modalities have been specifically designed to help foster stronger therapeutic relationships with individuals and groups; to complement a full spectrum of other mental health training modalities; and to foster deeper and more focused forms of meditation practice.

The Washington School of Psychiatry has approved the Three-Day Zentensive™ for 18 CEs (2 for ethics) for all mental health professionals, including physicians, psychologists, and social workers. The Five-Day Workshop and Retreats have been approved for 30 CEs (also including 2 for ethics).

For more detailed information, read the professionally-journaled research article about Zentensives™.

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