Becoming a Member

All events and activities at Windhorse are funded solely by contributions from members and by others, local and distant, who support our dharma work. All donations go directly to supporting our programs -- no one at Windhorse is paid for their work. Without an endowment fund, we depend on this support to keep going: if you participate in Windhorse activities, and/or value the spirit of what we’re doing, please consider becoming a member.

Regular membership contributions of any amount (all are tax-deductible) help to build a strong foundation for the work here, making it far easier for us to budget and to plan our calendar of activities. At the same time, committing to becoming a member can strengthen not only your own practice, but also the practice of others.

As a regular member of Windhorse, one may pay reduced rates for special sangha events, sesshin, and residential training. The suggested donation for members is $120-$160 per quarter ($40-$50 a month). We’re well aware that some may not be able to give this much, while others may be able and willing to give more. For those who sincerely wish to practice with this sangha, WZC will never let money be a barrier. If you have questions or concerns, please talk with us.

Members may donate by check (made payable to Windhorse Zen Community) or you may set up a recurring credit card payment online. If you’re interested in discussing alternative, longer-term types of donations like stock transfers, wills, and bequests, please speak with one of the teachers about this.