New Year’s Eve at Windhorse 2018-2019

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New Year’s Eve at Windhorse 2018-2019

December 31, 2018 @ 9:30 am - 11:30 am

Sunday, Dec 31, Center opens at 7:30pm


New Year’s Eve at Windhorse 2018-2019
These ceremonies and celebrations are a great way to end one year and begin the next. Here’s what happens at Windhorse (weather permitting):

On Monday, Dec. 31, the Center opens at 7:30pm.  Tea is available as people congregate, with a fire in the hearth if it’s cold enough outside. Formal zazen begins at 8:00, followed by all the ceremonies—quiet and noisy—that will help us enter 2019 feeling renewed, with cleansed and open minds and hearts. We finish with a candlelit circle, everyone reading a few lines of the New Year’s Prayer, together beaming out many wishes for peace and happiness for all on the planet.

Afterward, we’ll have the festive New Year’s Morning Potluck Brunch.  Just bring your favorite brunch dish, and enjoy an entire feast! Please also bring, for the ceremonies, a (non-earsplitting) noisemaker, and a sweet- sounding bell if you have one for the bell-ringing ceremony.  Robes, of course, are optional. It’s fine, in fact, to wear festive clothing for this event.

Those of you who’ve never participated in a Windhorse New Year’s Eve may imagine the schedule below to be daunting. Rest assured, it is a beautiful evening, rich with significance, and it all moves along with surprising speed. The schedule, by the way, is approximate; it depends on how long Circle takes, etc. This is just our best guess.

And finally–if you intend to come, we’d love to hear from you beforehand if possible, to smooth our planning process. Let us know if you’d like to stay over, too, to avoid driving that night after we finish. A number of people will be coming from out of town and will be staying over, and we can always make room for more.

Join us if you can for the Great Turning!


7:30            Gathering: tea available, zendo open
8:00-9:35    Zazen with kinhin (two 30 min. rounds and a 25 min. round, with kinhin), and a short talk on the  significance of New Year’s. Tea available during kinhin.
9:45          Circle: Taking Stock / Inviting in the New (You may want to be reflecting on this in advance: What patterns or tendencies, for example, would you like to let go of; what new ways of being do you wish to nourish in this new year?)     Chanting:   Kanzeon:, incense offerings
Sho Sai Myo Dharani
Bhai Sa Jya Gu Ru
(Healing Buddha Chant for the World)11:00           Break  (a quiet time: tea available, people put instruments and bells on their mats, can review the New Year’s Prayer if they wish)11:15          Zazen facing out; Altar Purifications
      Circumambulation 3X,
all chant mantra of Shakyamuni:
Om Muni Muni Maha Muni Shakyamuni Sva Ha!
Noisemaking Ceremony (aka Driving Out the
Demons Temple Energy-clearing)
Bell-ringing Ceremony (Inviting in the New)
Chanting of the Heart Sutra
Jukai: Renewing the Precepts
Special Dedication of Merit

Midnight    4 Vows, 3 Prostrations
Circle set up; lighting & distributing of candles
   New Year’s Prayer for All Beings
Final bell-ringing, in circle, then exiting zendo

Morning: Music & New Year’s Morning Potluck Brunch


December 31, 2018
9:30 am - 11:30 am
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