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Full Moon Fundraiser

December 3, 2017

Dear Sangha and Friends,
Our culture, the planet itself, seem now to be at a tipping point — a time of crisis on so many levels, when the deep longing for healing simply must be brought more fully to light. In this time of great need, we also have an unparalleled opportunity to make available to the wider world the Buddha’s teachings of wisdom and compassion, and the transformative practice of Zen.

Our dharma center at Panther Branch Road, the primary site of Windhorse Zen Community, is a beautiful place and a true community resource. Our two teachers have spent the last fourteen years working there, without financial gain, to share with others the treasure of the Buddha Way.  As the Windhorse Board of Directors, we feel it is vital, in this coming year, to free up Sunya and Lawson so they can focus more fully on their teaching functions and outreach.

You can help. Windhorse has never had an endowment fund to draw on, and so depends entirely on the generous support of individual members and friends to keep going. If you support the dharma work at this center, please consider formally becoming a member – or, if you already are, to increase your membership pledge if possible. Please also consider giving an end-of-year tax-deductible donation.

Those of you who have already done so, deep thanks for your generosity! All such gifts, whether in the form of money or work commitment or any other types of support, are an active expression of dana*, the Buddhist practice of giving.

As you’ll be able to see from our freshly launched website, the teachers have been working to offer up a refined and re-clarified vision for the years to come. Our hope is that with your support they’ll be able to devote more of their time and energy to sharing the living spirit of this Zen Way with others.

With hands palm-to-palm,
The Board of Directors of the Windhorse Zen Community

*Dana, the Sanskrit word for generosity, is a fundamental Buddhist teaching, an expression of the very heart of the Buddha Way. It is a purifying and transformative practice that allows us to develop spiritually through contributing to the well-being of others. While the term is often used to refer to how students support teachers financially, in a broader sense it refers to the cultivation of generosity in every aspect of our lives. Through dana, we recognize and affirm our connection to all beings.

Please note:  for more information about longer-term types of donations like stock transfers, or the many tax advantages of longer-term endowments and donations, please contact one of the Board members or teachers directly.