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New Year’s Prayer

May all beings, as numberless as the stars, who are suffering pain of body and mind, obtain, through the merit of our practice, true peace and fulfillment.

May the earth be fertile and the seasons in order, and may all live in harmony with nature.

May great spreading trees again shade our continents, and may mountains and hills be covered with wildflowers—purple, red and gold.

May the air we breathe be invigorating, and may lakes and rivers run clear and pure.

May the oceans be cleansed of pollutants, and may whales, dolphins, and all sea creatures once more swim freely through sparkling waters.

May deer and coyote, pheasant and rabbit, and all other beings of forest and field, be safe from the hunter’s bow and gun.

May all creatures with whom we share this earth be treated with care and respect.

May animal pens and slaughterhouses be replaced by orchards and fields of grain.

May the millions who suffer from hunger and starvation receive nourishment, and may they find the means to sustain themselves. Those without homes, who face poverty and cold–may they be sheltered and warm.

Those who have lost their jobs, may they find work that sustains and fulfills them.

May each person lead an upright life, using his or her talents for the good of all.

May those who hold public office be honest and noble. May they rise above greed and narrow interests, becoming true vehicles of service.

May we find cures for cancer, AIDS, and other grave illnesses; and may we learn to embrace the suffering of others with compassion and understanding.

Those who have endured abuse and trauma, may they experience deep healing.

May all who are disabled and defenseless be protected, supported and loved.

May people everywhere be released from the grip of addiction to drugs and alcohol, and may they realize their inborn freedom and wholeness.

May those confined in prisons repent of their crimes and find renewal. Those who are unjustly condemned, who are tortured and who face execution, may they be patient and strong of heart. May they bear no hatred toward their oppressors, and may they be freed.

May the gunshots that tear apart our cities fall silent, and may the bloodshed cease.

May ethnic conflict rooted in the past give way to mutual respect and forgiveness, and may all clans, tribes, and nations realize their kinship within the human family.

May we learn to live and work together in communities of peace.

May the hearts of all be cleansed of greed, hatred, and ignorance, and may violence be no more.

May prejudice against those of different color, religion and sexual orientation be
forever cleansed from our hearts. May people of all genders respect and support one another in word and deed.

May the elderly be honored and well cared for, and may children everywhere be
nourished with love and respect.

May the fear and anxiety, frustration and bitterness that plague the minds of so many, dissolve, and may self-doubt transform into clarity and strength.

May the elixir of Dharma circulate freely throughout the world, bringing sustenance to all. May all beings hear the true Dharma, know it in their hearts, and practice it with joy.

May those who seek the Way find teachers of true Understanding. May all who circle through the Six Realms find refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, and may their blind wanderings come to an end.

May we all forge upstream against the forces of delusion, and attain true liberation.

Let us vow that as long as earth and sky shall last, we will continue on this path–not for ourselves alone, but to dispel the darkness of the world.

All: At this moment, the beginning of a New Year, we earnestly pray
that strife and dissension shall be no more, that Love shall radiate
from the hearts of all people, and that all shall attain Perfect Peace!