Windhorse News & Events

Summer and Fall at Windhorse

In the coming months we’ll be experimenting with two new types of shorter retreats at Windhorse. During our fall ‘on-period’ (mid-Sept through mid-December), we’ll also offer two traditional, longer sesshin, and a Five-Day Zentensive.

In terms of the shorter retreat: in August (9-11th) we’ll hold the first in a series of exploratory retreats that will offer more opportunities for integrating the spirit of dharma practice into different aspects of our lives. These retreats will be somewhat less structured than our usual sesshin, and may revolve around a specific theme. They’ll also be designed to give newer people a chance to learn more about the forms, style, and spirit of Windhorse Zen training.

This September for the first time we’ll also be offering a shorter version of our Zentensives, which are modified sesshin with a strong focus on the unconscious dimensions of dharma practice. These programs offer a unique and experiential blending of Zen’s ancient wisdom with more contemporary understandings of the Western psyche. This Three-Day Zentensive is specifically designed for, but not limited to, those working in the field of mental health; it has been pre-approved for 18 CE’s, including 2 for ethics.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in this psychodynamically-informed approach to meditation and mental health, we’d appreciate you sharing this information with them.