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Two New Articles on Ethical Practice:

An ethical life is both the seed and fruit of the living Dharma. So when teachers and other long-time practitioners behave in unethical ways, it cuts painfully to the heart of our faith and understanding. How can we reconcile the idea, and the ideal, that practice leads only to wisdom and compassion, with the well-documented fact that many prominent dharma teachers have behaved in obviously harmful ways towards their students and others? This dilemma compels us to either bury our heads in the sand, or to expand our view of practice into hidden realms of the psyche.

You can find a short essay on this subject entitled Psychodynamic Zen: The Hidden Roots of Unethical Behavior, posted here. You will also find a complementary, but much more detailed article here on our site: Buddhist Teachers and the Abuse of Power: A Psychodynamic Exploration of Dharma Practice. These writings are the culmination of some 25 years of exploration, and offer a revised paradigm of dharma practice—one embracing a fuller appreciation of the dangers of repression and the functioning of the dynamic unconscious in the West.