Zentensive 5- day November Registration

Zentensive 5- day November Registration


In submitting this application, I affirm that I have read the Zentensive description, and will do my best to uphold the guidelines and spirit of the retreat throughout. Also, because I understand much of the stability of a Zentensive Workshop and Retreat grows out of a collective effort, if accepted, I agree to participate in it through to the end. (Of course, rare exceptions to this full-time commitment may arise because of emergency-related circumstances, but any such arrangements must be worked out with the teacher.)

  • Emergency Contact
  • Confidential Application Information
    All medical information will be kept strictly confidential.

    Please answer the following questions in detail. The purpose of requesting this information is to help determine whether attendance at the program might adversely affect an applicant’s health and/or the well-being of others. It also helps those conducting the program to be aware of physical and mental conditions that may require special consideration. For this reason it is vital that all health information be current and specific in regard to both active and inactive conditions. This medical information is solely for the reference of teachers and monitors and will be kept confidential. If you would prefer to speak privately with a teacher, this can also be arranged.
  • In order to provide a strong, safe and stable environment for you and everyone else at sesshin, please also respond to the following questions:
  • *For all mental health professionals, 30 CE/CEUs can be obtained for attendance at this retreat including 2 for ethics.
    The cost will be $575 for applications received on or before October 11th and $650 after that date. Registration fees include room and board for the week. (For 30 CEs the cost is $700 before October 11th and $775 after.)
    Also, please note that Windhorse has a long-standing policy of not excluding anyone who has a sincere wish to practice for financial reasons. If you would like to request reduced fees, please contact the Trustees by sending an email to LawsonSachter@gmail.com with some appropriate explanation. In addition, those willing and able to make a tax-deductible donation to help support this program may do so by directing contributions to our Benefactor’s Fund.

  • By submitting this application, I agree as follows:

    • I will uphold the spirit of the Zentensive guidelines.
    • I will finish the entire Zentensive or the portion for which I have applied.
    • Waiver of Liability: I understand that a Zentensive includes periods of intense training. In accordance with this understanding, and in consideration for my being accepted, I agree that neither Windhorse Zen Community nor any of its officers or trustees – nor any person acting as a monitor, or overseeing any aspect of the retreat – shall be liable for any loss or injury suffered by me in connection with my participation.
  • $0.00
  • Cancellation Policy:
    If you need to cancel prior to four weeks before the program is held we will refund your payment, minus a $75 office fee. If you cancel between two and four weeks prior to the event we can offer a 50% refund, but after that refunds will not be offered. Unused registration fees will be added to our scholarship fund. Also, in the unlikely event that we were forced to postpone or cancel a workshop, we will refund the full registration fee, minus any unrecoverable expense.