Residential Training Program

Together, teachers Lawson and Sunya lead a residential training program at the property in Alexander. Some residents work full-time at the Center, and some part-time. Members of the larger sangha attend sittings here. Non-residents are also welcome to participate in the training program at Panther Branch, and may spend periods of time living, working, and sitting zazen with residents according to the daily schedule.

This schedule includes morning and evening zazen and chanting, dokusan (private meetings with a teacher) several times a week,  vegetarian meals, circle practice, and samu, or work practice – a way to deepen ones practice and integrate it into daily life. Work activities include everything from housekeeping and meal preparation to organic gardening and building.

Windhorse Zen Community has a strong commitment to examining our environmental impact on the planet, and to exploring alternative, more sustainable ways of living together with all beings. Recognizing the law of interdependence, we’ve made this area of research a high priority, and are grappling with concrete ways to reduce consumption and lighten our ecological footprint.

To apply for the residential training program, please read our guidelines first, then fill out the application online or download it and hand deliver or mail it to us at:

Windhorse Zen Community
580 Panther Branch Rd.
Alexander, NC 28701

Residential Training Application Form

  • For many reasons it is important that all information be specific, current, and inclusive. This information is kept confidential, and is solely for the teachers’ use. (If for some reason you would like to speak privately with one of the teachers, this can also be arranged.)
  • Also, please be sure to let us know of any medical conditions that arise after you have submitted this application. Submit