Spirituality and the Unconscious

Beginning this March, Windhorse Zen Community will be introducing a 5-part Thursday evening series, Spirituality and the Unconscious, at Jubilee! Community Church, 6:30-8:15. These sessions -- a combination of talks, group interaction and meditation -- will be a time for focused explorations of rich, complex issues that profoundly affect our lives and the world.

The first meeting on March 22 will involve an overview of the unconscious, looking into the dynamic interplay between creative and compassionate forces, as well as an exploration of those energies that are isolating and destructive. The next three gatherings will zero in on the interlocking dynamics of certain key issues, and the final session will focus on the depths of integration and transformation.

March 22 Unconscious Complexities

March 29 The modern epidemic of loneliness

April 5 The influence of shame and guilt on Western spirituality

April 12 The hidden role of repressed anger in our lives, relationships, and spiritual potential

April 19 In the fifth session we’ll look more deeply into the Way of the Bodhisattva, and the Sense of the Sacred in everyday life.

Lawson Sachter and Sonja Kjolhede, co-abbots of Windhorse, will be leading and facilitating each session. Relevant readings will be sent out before each session to those who register in advance; if you’re interested in attending one or more of these events, we encourage you to fill out the registration form. Although each evening will be presented as an independent segment, these sessions will naturally build on each other.

More Information Coming Soon