Chanting is an important and powerful part of Zen training and practice at Windhorse.  Many people who visit Windhorse ask for a copy of our chant book, so we have decided to make it available online.

Windhorse Chant Book Download

New Year’s Prayer for All Beings

Some tips on chanting:

  1.  The best posture for chanting is in seiza, or kneeling with the buttocks resting on the heels.  If this is not comfortable, you may use a bench or a sideways zafu.  You may also sit in any cross legged position or in a chair.  The most important thing is that the low belly is unconstrained and open.
  2. Chant from the low belly.  Allow your chest, throat and head become resounding chambers.  Do not focus on how the sound comes out.
  3. Do not worry about understanding the meaning of a chant while chanting.  Simply allow the words to flow through without holding on to anything.