Starting a Practice

Interested in finding out more about the kind of practice offered at Windhorse Zen Community? Feel free to contact the center to arrange an orientation to the practice and the place. The best time to come is usually before the Sunday morning program from 9:30-11:30:  for your first visit, you’ll need to arrive by 8:45 am.

If Sunday doesn’t work for you, Tuesday evenings are the next best time, with Thursdays also a possibility. Be sure to call first to let someone know you're coming. You’ll need to arrive by 6:15pm to allow time for an orientation before the 7:00 sitting.

From time to time at Windhorse, we offer a complete introductory workshop, usually on a Saturday and led by at least one of the teachers. With talks on the background of Zen, in-depth posture suggestions, periods of meditation, practical suggestions for sitting on one’s own, and question and answer periods, this can be a great help to beginners as well as to more seasoned sitters.