Zentensive Spring 2018 Registration

  • *The cost will be $425 for applications received on or before August, 24 and $475 after that date. Also, please note that Windhorse has a long-standing policy of not excluding anyone who has a sincere wish to practice for financial reasons. If you would like to request reduced fees, please contact the Trustees by sending an email to LawsonSachter@gmail.com with some appropriate explanation. In addition, those willing and able to make a tax-deductible donation to help support this program may do so by directing contributions to our Benefactor’s Fund.
  • $0.00

Because PayPal takes a percentage, payment by check is preferred. 

Also, checks will reserve your place, but will not be cashed until a person has actually been accepted. 

General questions can be sent to:Windhorse@windhorsezen.org

Confidential issues can be sent directly to:LawsonSachter@gmail.com