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Windhorse 2022 Fall Initiative

As part of our Windhorse 2022 Fall Initiative we wanted to let the sangha know that the trustees have created a brand new Non-Profit Educational Branch of Windhorse. The basic thrust of this educational branch is to create a more secular format for our programs, as a means of sharing resources and support to a wider audience, especially in these charged and divisive times.

As a quick overview, the three divisions of this new branch will be: Wellness, Sustainability, and Diversity. More information about upcoming programs will go out in the next few months, but the first program we’re offering is titled “Awakening from Whiteness,” led by Lani Banner and Steve Scholten.

As many of you are likely aware, Lani has a long history of working in the field of education, and has created and led many professional-level diversity programs. She and Steve have put considerable heart and time into creating what appears to be a first class, practice-based experience for those interested in deepening their understanding of this vital topic. For more information, please click the “Learn More” button below.

Late Summer Reflections at Windhorse

by Sunya-roshi

Oh that my monk’s robe were wide enough
to gather up all the suffering people
in this floating world

— Ryõkan

What a time we find ourselves in! When has it ever been more important, this dharma practice, and the support of others to help keep it alive?

Surely no one needs it spelled out – it’s right in our face every day, and on the news: Climate catastrophe, social and political upheaval, wars, famine, fires and drought. With all of this in the background, I’ve been tuning into the sea of suffering – making an effort to open to it as part of my daily practice, reflecting on its roots in our own minds and hearts, and how all this relates to our practice and our everyday earthly existence.

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Great is the matter of birth and death
Life slips quickly by
Time waits for no one
Wake up! Wake up!
Don’t waste a moment!

– Zen Master Bassui