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Windhorse Zen Community is a non-profit religious corporation (501 (c) 3) and we rely on the generosity of our members and others to maintain our programs and activities.

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Pledges and Donations

Windhorse depends for its continued existence on the generous support of its members. For this reason, members are asked to commit to monthly dues of $40-$50. Some may choose to give more, or to supplement their pledges with annual donations. Please speak with Lawson-sensei if you are interested in donating stocks or bonds directly. For non-members we suggest a minimum donation of $5 per visit. Everyone, of course, is welcome to join us for sittings and other events, whether or not you can afford to pay these suggested amounts.

Pledges and donations may be left at the Center or sent to the address above. Alternatively, use the buttons above to make either single or automatically recurring payments to our PayPal account. The Pledge button allows you to specify any amount for a recurring offering; the Dana button is one way of making an offering that helps support the teachers.

Teachers’ Dana
For those who may not know, for the past nine years the teachers at Windhorse have received no direct financial support. All pledges and donations go directly to supporting Windhorse programs, and the building project. If you wish to offer tax-deductible support directly to the teachers, please use the ‘Dana’ button above.