Acknowledgements and Clarifications:

In the moment of the Buddha’s Awakening he exclaimed, “Wonder of wonders, all beings are Buddha!” Windhorse is a community open to all, meaning everyone, who wishes to join with others in exploring and practicing this unfolding Dharma. We want to acknowledge that our Alexander, NC property occupies land which historically belonged to the Cherokee Nation, as well as the genocide which is an integral part of this history.

In our writings we sometimes refer to “Asian” or “East Asian” cultures, and in doing so, mean no disrespect; but are following the usage found in Richard Nisbett’s writing. (see: The Geography of Thought, kindle location 199)

We also use the terms “religion” and “religious” to denote a set of historical beliefs, while we use terms like “spiritual” and “spirituality” to refer to a non-denominational, experiential sense of unity.